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Do you like Molkky? You'll love the Ste-Sauvage Finnish Bowling Game! As its name suggests, the Ste-Sauvage Finnish Bowling Game is a wooden bowling game invented in Finland that can be played on all surfaces: gravel, lawn, beach, etc.! 2 - 10 players, 6 years and up. Duration: 15 minutes.

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The goal is simple, score 50 points before his opponent. When striking a single keel, mark the number of points indicated on the keel. When several pins are dropped, the score is then the number of pins that have fallen. If we exceed 50 points, we fall to 25! Ste-Sauvage is a Quebec company that strives to highlight local materials and promote the durability of its products. The creation of its products is artisanal!

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