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  • Avenue Mandarine

    Avenue Mandarine â Educative games and creative stationery

    Avenue Mandarine is a French brand of fun and educative games, belonging to Clairefontaine Rhodia group. The products are intended for children from 2 to 10, boys and girls. Since its creation in 2010 near Lyon, its tribe has never stopped growing all over the world.

    A range for the whole family
    Parents are also at the heart of Avenue Mandarine activities. The product range enables, in addition to its creative and educational interests, to spend good qualitative and stimulating times with family.

  • Brio

    Possibly the world’s most expansive railway system

    Our railway range has always been one of our most popular collections and includes everything a budding railway engineer could possibly need.

  • Bruder

    Bruder Toys 

    Playing is not an end in itself, but lets children make experiences in the adult world which they can use for their own development.
    In line with this principle, BRUDER products are developed as "model-sized toys." Model-sized to encourage children to imitate real life in the form of role plays; functional to help them understand the technical backgrounds by allowing them to "grasp by grabbing." Special attention is paid to the well-balanced interaction of easy-to-handle play functions and models that are true to life and offer the greatest possible level of stability. BRUDER's company slogan "just like the real thing" manifests itself, in particular, in the products of the Pro Series. 

  • Calico Critters

    calico critters

    Calico Critters is a line of miniature animal figures, with homes, furniture and accessories. The animal figures are unique because they are made of a special flocked material that gives them an endearing quality. They were introduced in Japan in 1985 and are distributed worldwide. Calico Critters are sold as families, with Mothers and Fathers, sisters, brothers and babies. The homes and furniture are quite life-like are have incredible detail. The Critters live in the community of Calico Village. All the citizens in Calico Village have hobbies and jobs. The underlying theme is giving, friendship and happiness. Calico Critters are wholesome, never trendy.

  • Corolle

    France’s Loire Valley, the storybook region famous for its scenic beauty and fairytale-like castles, is where Corolle started more than 30 years ago and where all Corolle dolls get their start today.

    Every Corolle doll is designed with great care, love and affection because we know that a doll is more than a toy; it is a cherished part of a child’s growing up:  A doll encourages a child to explore different roles through caring for and sharing hopes, dreams and experiences with an always-understanding friend and playmate.

    Corolle designs dolls that look and feel as real as possible, with soft, supple vinyl; natural-looking hair and up-to-date fashions. And because children develop a strong emotional bond with their dolls, Corolle dolls are durable to withstand all the loving and hugs their beauty and charm inspire.  All of which helps to explain why, since its founding, Corolle has received global recognition for design and play excellence, winning scores of awards.

    The Corolle collection stays young and fresh every year with the introduction of new dolls, updated fashions, accessories and more, resulting in a history that is rich in accomplishments, as our timeline shows.

    Some things, however, will never change: We will continue our attention to the smallest detail in our dolls, fashions and accessories. We will continue to do our best to be the best. And we will continue to make dolls that inspire magical childhood memories that will last for a lifetime.

  • Djeco


    This is the story of a Family Business, passed down from mother to son. It is a timeless business whose maxims are creativity, boldness and passion !


    Since the start of our adventure, our games have been translated into every language for children across the world. And we are constantly proud and astounded to think that children in over 60 countries play with our toys!

    Our toys are distributed in wonderful specialist shops around the world that are in tune our company and our values. A range of prestigious museums also chooses to sell our toys including the Louvre and Quai Branly in France, the Prado in Spain, the Tate in the United Kingdom, MoMA in the United States and others in Germany, Denmark, and many more. 
    DJECO French knowhow travelling beyond borders...

  • Doudou et Cie

    The sory begins 15 years ago in the Val d’Oise when Alain Joly, fascinated by the experiences of early childhood, imagined a world overflowing with tenderness and comforting doudous. Surrounding himself with people as experienced as himself and who shared his passion for the project, Doudou et Compagnie was born.

  • Engino

    Inventor 30 Models Motorized Set - Multi Models

    The STEM Heroes series introduces children into the world of STEM disciplines (Science – Technology – Engineering and Mathematics) through a completely new and playful approach! Boys and girls can construct exciting models while learning interesting facts and doing experiments in each theme.

    All models can be assembled by downloading the free internet instructions, available at Engino website. All models are available as interactive 3D instructions viewed either from a PC or from smartphones and tablets through the ENGINO 3D Viewer app (kidCAD), downloadable for free in Android, Apple (iOs) and Windows mobile operating systems.

  • Hape


    Company Profile

    Hape Toys is one of the world’s largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials. Hape toys are both creatively designed and eco-friendly. Neither culture, nor language, nor gender inhibits the intuitive process of play. All of the products meet, and more often, exceed the strictest international standards for quality and safety. But behind the innovative designs and meticulous quality lies the even stronger ethos of Hape.

    Hape toys are a collaboration of global thinking and responsible ecology.

  • Janod


    Developing creativity to craft timeless toys, valuing contemporary design with a graphic edge, inventing new features… these are all challenges Janod takes on when creating its new collections.

    Janod’s playful, sturdy and joyous creations forge unique connections between children and their toys… as well as between the brand and its consumers. The not so easily defined soulful component drives our designers and the «French Touch» disregards borders and has enabled us to hold a special place in toy chests around the world!

    Again this year, Janod’s inner enfant terrible has been given creative free reign. Discover our new products and let yourself go… play!

  • Kaloo

    Who is Kaloo?

    Each Kaloo product is the culmination of a long history and the collaboration of various departments brought to fruition. The concept originates from within our creative designer’s team. A theme is elaborated on and a story defined. These words are then translated into a drawing; impression transcribed into shapes, patterns and materials. Special attention is paid to the material, ensuring quality of touch and color harmony – our brand signatures. A rough draft is then passed to the workroom. The initial form is then modified and reflected upon until a final model is perfected. Once arranged in their round gift boxes, a Kaloo soft toy just has to wait for a baby’s arms.

    Beautiful gift boxes and soft tags, all these details are the sign of the special attention that Kaloo brings to his creations.

  • Lego


    All children have the right to fun, creative and engaging play experiences. Play is essential because when children play, they learn.

    As a provider of play experiences, we must ensure that our behaviour and actions are responsible towards all children and towards our stakeholders, society and the environment.

    We are committed to continue earning the trust our stakeholders place in us, and we are always inspired by children to be the best we can be.

  • Manimo

    manimo weighted plush animals

    Meet the manimo family! These weighted animals are recommended for all children, but were designed specifically for children with ADD, ADHD, ASD, anxiety or other disorders.

    Four manimo models are available, in several colours. Weighing between 1 and 2.5 kg, they can be used by children ages three and up, with adult supervision.

    Soft and pliable, a manimo is placed on the child’s most receptive body parts: shoulders, waist, thighs and stomach. We recommend using it for 15-20-minute periods to stimulate rest and/or concentration.

    manimo lezard bleu
  • Nathan

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  • Placote

    Placote est une collection de jeux (de langue française) conçus afin de vous aider à stimuler le langage des enfants de 6 ans et moins.

    Placote est une collection graduée de jeux visant la stimulation du langage chez les enfants de moins de 6 ans. Elle a été entièrement conçue au Québec par des spécialistes – des orthophonistes, des orthopédagogues et des enseignants –, et tient compte des données scientifiques les plus récentes en matière de développement du langage chez l’enfant. Il s’agit de la seule collection de jeux du genre sur le marché francophone. Les jeux se divisent en trois grands objectifs : parler, comprendre et développer la conscience phonologique. Chaque jeu travaille un objectif langagier précis et s’adresse à des enfants d’un certain âge. Tous les jeux sont accompagnés d’un feuillet explicatif vous indiquant comment tirer le maximum de votre achat, tout en vous donnant quelques conseils en lien avec la stimulation du langage.

  • Playmobil

    Creative role play with PLAYMOBIL®

    The unique playing principle stimulates imagination and creativity and thus promotes child development: With PLAYMOBIL®, children can not only slip into many different roles, but also recreate and experience the world in miniature.

    With multiple talents, these cheery figures successfully overcome all kinds of challenges – as knights or pirates in historical scenarios, as construction workers, vets and police officers today, or as secret agents in virtual worlds.

    The creative people at PLAYMOBIL® are constantly coming up with new ideas and additions to bring long-lasting fun to children everywhere.

  • Ravensburger


    Discover the perfect fit !

    Ravensburger, the puzzle expert for over 130 years, is a stickler for the highest-quality standards.

    No matter what age or skill level, Ravensburger offers the appropriate challenge for every little puzzle-fan. Just watch as they discover and develop abilities like patience, focus, concentration, dexterity and imagination with our colorful selection. 

    Discover fun together !

    Ravensburger offers a wide choice of educational and innovative children’s games with age-appropriate and unique game mechanisms. It’s a great collection focusing on diversity, fun and development of skills.

    Renown award programs appreciate our innovative concepts and attention to detail. There are too many winners to mention here. But what’s most rewarding: All the gamers, who love our games.

  • Schleich

    Children are the most valuable gift in the world. Your well-being is important to all parents because you are the future of our society. For this reason, parents and teachers want only the very best quality toys — and that's exactly what Schleich does. 

    Simply the best for children. Tested by experts.

    There is a wide range of laws and regulations on the production of toys. We do our utmost to meet these requirements and will go the extra mile to guarantee your safety: we set ourselves stricter requirements that go beyond those prescribed out by law. 

    All our products are thoroughly tested by our in-house experts. We additionally commission independent, accredited testing institutes to perform further tests.

  • Trefl

    Trefl company has been present on the market for 30 years. During the time they manufactured hundred millions of jigsaw puzzles and board games.  They have an advanced machinery stock which guarantees great quality of their products and high level of performance. Some of the machines have been designed by their Company itself. This enables them to offer a wide range of solutions regarding the selection of materials, size and enrichments.

  • VCube

                V-Cubes are available in 105 countries in every corner of the globe!


    Endless Challenge!

    The cleVerCube that’s fun, incredibly challenging and offers endless satisfaction to every user. 
    11 different, six-colored cubes in flat design and our unique “pillow’ shape.

    V-Classics is a fun family of cleVer Cubes with something for everyone, from beginners to experienced cubers who are looking for the ultimate challenge.
    Choose from 11 different, six-colored cubes in flat design and our unique “Pillow’ shape, including the eye-catching and exciting “Illusion” and “Flags” series!!

    Great to play. Great to compete!

  • Wrebbit

    Blazing New Trails

    After revolutionizing the jigsaw puzzle world in 1991 and capturing the imagination and hearts of millions of people everywhere, the story of Wrebbit3D™ puzzles continues unabated, thus preserving and perpetuating the dream of pioneering creator and 3D puzzle inventor Paul E. Gallant.

    Proudly made in Canada from non-toxic polyethylene foam, Wrebbit3D™ puzzles are the sturdiest 3D jigsaw puzzles ever invented. They also have the highest piece count and are the largest of their kind. From comments gathered on our social media platforms, Wrebbit3D puzzle fans are overwhelmed by the quality of Wrebbit 3D™designs and true-to-life illustrations.


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