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  • $189.99

     A totally new design for this beautiful talking interactive map of the world with optical reader pen.  Children can discover the world and learn about Continents, Countries, Capital Cities, Surface Areas, Populations, Currencies, Languages, Territories, Elevations, Time Differences, Interesting Facts, Typical Products, National Anthems. With more than...

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  • $74.99

    A fantastic robot to be assembled, equipped with a Bluetooth module and as many as 4 play modes ! Download the free app for tablet and smartphone developed by Clementoni and program the robot’s movements, lighting effects and sound effects! You will be able to display a simulation of the programmed command as it is being executed on your device and you...

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  • $59.99

    This extremely well-equipped lab teaches the principles of mechanics and engineering in an entertaining way. Offers more than 250 components to create 50 constructions of increasing complexity. Safely build a helicopter, motorized crane, a car with an electric engine, and much more. With a large, illustrated, scientific, step-bystep assembly guide. Great...

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  • $49.99

    Un jeu scientifique unique et original permettant de construire un véritable robot ! Amuse-toi à programmer son parcours et défie tes amis, ramasse de petits objets métalliques grâce à son aimant et réalise beaucoup d'autres activités incroyables ! De plus, grâce aux composants interchangeables inclus dans la boîte, tu peux transformer ton robot comme tu...

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items