Our Shop's Virtual Visit

Who are we? 

Francjeu® Rosemere  is a family business that operates in the gaming industry for several decades. The company profile is to provide quality toys and games that help the child development while allowing it to have fun. Our strength is the quality and diversity of our products without forgetting our excellent customer service. 

The mission of Franc jeu® is to provide our customers with safe toys that will attract the interest of their users, and this for a long time!

The fact is recognized, it is through play that children learn. We might also add, in this era of performance, it is through play that the adult relaxes. The toys and games have to be captivating though. Finding the best games for children and adults, is the challenge that the Franc jeu® team in Rosemere managed brilliantly for the past 40 years! 

Thus, strong relationships have been established with suppliers and with customers, including schools and child care. For several years, the demand for educational toys increases significantly. Parents, grandparents and educators, many consider Franc jeu® as a benchmark in the field ... and for good reason! We do not just follow the parade. Franc jeu® invests thoroughly to advise you of toys that suit your desires and your needs. Customer satisfaction is our first goal.

Although we have made a wise choice of games and toys for your online shopping, our shop includes a complete range of games and toys of all kinds. Our experienced staff will always guide you in your choices and provide you with a trusted service. We are the intermediary between the manufacturer and the user!

Colorful and full of attractive toys, Franc jeu® Rosemere is a destination of choice. Looking for a quality and an original gift for a birth, to reward the progress of your child, to diversify the activities of your teen or even strengthen family bonds through board games; Franc JeuTM is the starting point for all your fun activities.

We play Fair-play!

"A trend can quickly end up in oblivion. We prefer to build on games that pass the test of time."

 « We have always focused on quality, both in terms of products and service. The quality of our after-sales support is one of our primary goals at Franc jeu®. We aim for satisfied customers in all aspect; this is what sets us apart from our competitors. "

"We do not just offer a toy or a game... For each game we make sure we offer you all the additional accessories such as dolls and their clothes and strollers, trains with their train tracks and cars, dolls houses with their furniture and decorative accessories, etc. The toy can evolve and keep the child's learning pace. "